toyota dealership logo in houstonWhether you’re shopping new or used, you want to get the best possible deal when you buy a car in Houston. No matter when you buy, if you choose Toyota, you’ll likely get a good long-term deal thanks to the manufacturer’s great resale value. In a list of 24 vehicles with the best resale value from Insider Monkey, Toyota dominated—its cars, trucks, and SUVS make up a third of the list.

But high resale values can also make it more difficult to find a deal on both new and used Toyotas, which is why savvy buyers know when to shop. Here’s a look at five tips for timing your Toyota purchase for the best value.

Make Final Buying Decisions in the Late Afternoon

Vehicle sales representatives have goals to meet daily, monthly, and annually, so showing up with serious intent to purchase at the end of any time period can put negotiation power in your pocket. We’re not talking about browsing your Toyota dealership in the evening when everyone is ready to go home. Buying later works best if you know what you want, have already done the browsing, and understand your credit situation—with all the balls in your court, you may be able to ask for extras or shave some cash off the top so the sales staff closes the day with another sale on the books.

One salesman notes that buying late in the afternoon is probably only a small factor in getting a good deal, because dealership employees are often used to working late. Still, any factor in your favor can help you save money.

Buy a Toyota in Houston during December

buying-a-car-in-the-winterWhen choosing a time to buy a Toyota in Houston, you can create a more powerful version of the first tip by shopping at the end of the year, when Toyota dealerships and sales staff are trying to meet annual goals. If a dealership or sales person is behind for the day, they know they can make it up tomorrow. If they are behind for the year, December is the last chance at making big sales. If you’re a serious buyer – especially one who is willing to opt for last year’s model – you might score a deeper discount than you would earlier in the year.


Shop for Last Year’s Models at the End of the Season

While purchasing last year’s model in December might mean a big discount, no guarantees exist that older models will be left so late in the year. That’s because dealers start pushing last year’s models as soon as the new models start to arrive. When you buy a Toyota in Houston, try shopping at the end of the summer or in early fall to take advantage of dealer sales on last year’s models. According to Edmunds, August and September present the best options for deals on the previous year’s models.

Keep Tabs on Dealership Sales Strategies Before Buying

Know your local Toyota dealership. If the dealership hosts an annual Valentine’s sale or blows out pricing for one day every July, that information is key in knowing the best time to shop. Make sure you do your research in the weeks leading up to the big sale so you don’t waste valuable time in that short sales period.

Have a Good Poker Face, Don’t Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve

Finally, no matter when you buy a Toyota in Houston, be as flexible as possible with the type of vehicle you are buying. Don’t make it obvious that you simply must have that Toyota Highlander in silver, or you might lose some bargaining power. If you’re willing to purchase last year’s model or opt for the Tacoma instead of the Tundra, you can often score a better price if the dealer has a vehicle they are trying to move.

Timing isn’t everything, but it is important when buying a car. Take your time to understand what you want out of a vehicle, check into your credit situation, and do a bit of research. Then, approach your dealership at the best time to get a great deal on a new or used Toyota.